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I currently am interested more in what I think of as "traditional-modern" painting; you can link here for more about traditional-modern art.

My art has always been influenced by the idea of "motif" and "real life".  Much of abstract, post-abstract, and "contemporary" art lacks these directions, ending up "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing", or worse, nothing but trivial decoration.  For more about this, go here.



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An original traditional-modern oil painting, Beaufort, North Carolina, on the dock.
Beaufort Dock
... an original traditional-modern oil painting, 24” x 50”
... Beaufort, North Carolina, on the dock, painted in a traditional-modern style, oil on linen canvas
I painted originally in traditional and casual-realist styles, generally keeping my paint light and thin. I like to use glazes to let the light shine through from the underpainting. Recently I have also been working in more contemporary styles and direct digital manipulations and printing.
 A traditional-modern oil painting, Ourplace, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.




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... an original traditional-modern oil painting,
22" x 28"
Atlantic Beach, North Carolina; on the beach...   
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